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Welcome to our site. Matching Futures works for governments on any level,  on societal transition in different sectors. We listen, we work closely with all people involved. We bring inspiration, and design possible futures to explore together. We are connected with a fantastic network of innovators and social designers. 


The Night Club is expanding!

In oktober of 2021 The Night Club was part of the exhibition of the Dutch Design Week, as part of the Embassy of Safety. We had many inspring conversations! If you came by, thank you! We enjoyed this week like a warm bath. So many people told us that The Night Club is what they need, is what their city or neigborhood needs, is what their organization needs. There is a weidespread need for the kind of equalizer and intimate meeting spaces that The Night Club provides. In 2022 we will go on organising The Night Club in Reyeroord in Rotterdam. We will also spread to the neighborhood Hoogvliet in Rotterdam, and to the city of Roosendaal. We are very happy about that. Also we are developing The Night Club Academy, a place where inhabitants and professionals working on better neighborhoods can learn to create space for equal and intimate encounters. If you want to know more, contact us!

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Sociale veiligheid voor Rijkswaterstaat. Kun je dat maken?!

Sinds oktober werkt Matching Futures samen met een divers team van ontwerpers (o.a. Marjolein Vermeulen van MV Design en sociaal kunstenaar Martijn Engelbregt) met een social design methodiek aan het vraagstuk van sociale veiligheid. Rijkswaterstaat gaat actief met dit vraagstuk aan de slag, met een positieve insteek: hoe kunnen we als organisatie zelf vormgeven aan ons werk, nu en in de toekomst? Vanaf februari 2024 experimenteren en leren we in de praktijk met drie dappere teams. We ontdekken wat sociale veiligheid betekent voor Rijkswaterstaat en hoe voor dit vraagstuk het makerschap bij ontwerpers en eigen medewerkers kan worden benut. Nynke Tromp en Thomas van Arkel van de TU Delft doen onderzoek naar de impact van onze aanpak. 


The importance of open spaces

In the past months Matching Futures collaborated with architect Giovanni Calabrese in Campania, Italy. It was a beautiful experience, working together with and learning from the people of Baselice, a small town facing slow decline. We learned how important open spaces are. This metaphor was handed to us by the beautiful Foresta Umbra, a unique old-growth forrest near the village. Just as a forrest would slowly decline without open spaces, so does the close-knit community of Baselice need open spaces where young and old, men and women can try out new ideas. 

What moment or event in the future are you anticipating? Matching Futures helps people and organizations to work towards futures that are inspiring and engaging; futures that could seem scary or unattainable otherwise. Using our experience and skillset, and involving a vast network of artists and social designers, we help clients find new and appealing ways of working on complex problems. So people can become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


The future is now. A paradox. True and untrue at the same time. The future is never now. The future is only ever now. Thinking about the future is only helpful if it changes our action now. Watch the small clip to see Brian Eno explain the concept 'the long now'.

 How do you live in a long(er) now?

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